My Dear Hasan <3

Oh what to say about him…… Tall, Handsome, Polite, Sweet, Pakistani and everything I possibly want at the moment <3 And of course he is out of my reach! He lives in New York. Like I said before, NY has screwed me over big time! Getting me to like guys I can possibly never have, well unless I move there ( which is highly unlikely). I haven’t had the guts to talk to him because I am scared of rejection. Scared of not being accepted by the person I want to be accepted by. He seems so I don’t know, I can’t really find the words to explain it. I seriously hope he is single because no matter how far your crush might live, it still hurts seeing them being taken by some girl that you probably think is a slut. A lot of girls talk to him though, I’ll tell you that. Maybe it’s because he actually might be a honest, nice guy and not a player like some of his other friends. He’s cousin’s mom was my little brother’s pre-school assistant teacher and I wish he’s cousin was in my grade and went to my school, but nooooooo of course she doesn’t do either! I want to talk to him, but every time I try to talk to some decent guy, I always mess it up by saying something wrong or by doing nothing! Ugh life is complicated and full of shit -_- but Hasan, he seems so perfect in this un-perfect way and I just want to know all about him and talk to him and be with him. Haha I am absolutely crazy and it’s so hard to believe that he only had 2 girlfriends so far. Hasan, if you ever read this, ( which is highly unlikely) I want you know that whoever you end up with, will be the luckiest girl alive! ( Secretly hoping it’s me hehe ;) ) Any of y’all have crushes that just seems to be unreachable, or is it just me with this “crisis?”

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